Our Firm

Our firm was founded March 30, 1992.  The formation of the firm was supported by years of experience in the financial services industry – accounting and banking.  Murphy & McInvale, PC currently operates as a local CPA firm with 9-10 employees including five professionals and two candidates.

Through our experience, a philosophy has developed regarding the difference between “products” and “services” in traditional service industries.  For example, most accountants prepare tax returns.  The product is the tax return.  This product can be purchased from many sources.  How this product is prepared and delivered is the service.  Is the return professionally prepared?  Is the accountant easy to deal with?  Does the accountant provide a guide for the accumulation of the data necessary for the tax return?  Is the return prepared timely?  These are all service issues.

Also,  it seems that businesses in general, and large corporations and franchises specifically, have cared less and less about their customers and have forgotten about personal service and what it means to their customers.  Sometimes, in fact, discouraging personal service because of their belief that personal relationships get in the way of doing business.

Our firm definitely believes that business was better handled when people knew each other on a first name basis, that quality must be delivered 100% of the time.  Certainly, technology has changed and is going to change more.  Therefore, changing the very foundations of how business and life in general is conducted.  This in turn changes the products we need and changes our expectations of those products.  We also believe that excess should be replaced with practical common-sense approaches, and that modern technology is creating tools that more-and-more allow business and everyday life to be conducted in a more efficient individual and personally satisfying manner.

Having worked in finance for years,  we’re very conscious of the importance of confidentiality.  Your business with our firm is strictly between you and the firm.  Your wishes and desires in the area of confidentiality will be respected at all times.

While all business forms are represented in our client base, we like to consider ourselves entrepreneur specialists.  We are particularly focused on the relationship between small businesses and their owners.  This emphasis is primarily because of our belief that what has made our country, state, county, and city great in the past was our self-reliance, self-determination, self-empowerment  -  i.e. working for ourselves.  We believe that in this age of downsizing, layoffs, mergers, and independence being afforded by new technology, the independent entrepreneurial minded person will also be the people who make our country, state, county, and city great in the future.  If you fall into this category of special people, if you are crusading to make our area the most self-reliant and productive in the United States, it is a particular honor for our firm to work for you.

As a general practice firm, we attempt to handle your finances in much the same manner as your family doctor handles your health care.  We handle as much of your work as possible, but if a specialist is required – we will suggest calling one in immediately.  If this situation occurs, we will be happy to refer you to someone who we feel is a specialist in the required field.

In conclusion,  our firm looks forward to working closely with you in a joint effort to help you reach your objectives and fulfill your goals.